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Private Nei Gong Training/Qi Cleaning Package


Private or personalized Nei Gong training is a great option for students who live out of town or have special concerns  and want to optimize their time spent with the teacher. Combining training with the benefits of a Qi Cleaning will advance the learning and integration of these cultivation skills. Couples may also schedule private training time.

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Private Nei Gong training can be scheduled anytime by calling master instructor Leah Franklin at 401.219.4439.

The QiBody Cultivation Program is the primary education taught at Qi Masters Class. Whether you live locally and take the daily classes or live at a distance, there are options for learning. The first teaching is the information in the 2 Day – Return Qi and Breath to the Roots Workshop. This information and skill can be learned in several smaller private or semi private sessions. Combining 2 hours of training with a Qi Cleaning session will enhance and advance your experience of Qi flow in your body. The knowledge is teachable and the training styles can be flexible. If you are drawn to understand how we cultivate energy for human refinement then consider the solutions.


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