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Nei Gong 2017-06-02T15:57:41-05:00

Nei Gong can be defined as internal cultivation skill. Simply put it is the process by which a person may condition their physical body, cultivate their internal universe and elevate their consciousness. Considered an advanced and most complete practice in China. QiBody Cultivation is a Nei Gong system of internal cultivation.

What is Qi (Chi): 2015-04-22T16:42:25-05:00

The ancient Chinese described it as “life force” or “breath”. Qi is energy in all of its forms, fields and actions. The word Qi is non-specific and is able to take on any vibration of frequency. Qi is energy both potential and manifest. By understanding its rhythm, flow and quality we can use this knowledge to balance, clear and manifest energy in and around our body. Qigong is a science that works with the Qi internally and externally.

What is Qigong: 2017-06-02T15:57:41-05:00

This is my favorite definition and it is spot on. Qigong (Chi-kung) is an ancient Chinese system of self-cultivation developed specifically as a means by which each individual may take personal responsibility for protecting health, promoting vitality and prolonging life, while cultivating spiritual awareness and insight. Based on the primordial principles of classical Taoist philosophy, chi-gung is simple and practical – the practitioner learns how to harness the fundamental forces of the cosmos (Heaven), balance them with the elemental energies of nature (Earth) and harmonize them with the essence energy and spirit of human life (Humanity). Chi-gung (Qigong) thus enables the individual to amplify his or her personal power with the infinite power of the Universe.*

*excerpt from A Complete Guide to Chi-Gung Harnessing the Power of the Universe, by Daniel Reid copyright 1998.

What is Qi Body: 2015-04-22T16:36:38-05:00

Qi Body is an enhanced state of being fully connected and aligned with your source of vitality and inspiration. Awareness, breath and Qi are connected internally and externally. Your energy field is balanced and full of vitality. The mind is tranquil and the spirit radiates. Qi Body can be achieved with proper training, guidance and dedication to your own development. It is the process of internal refinement.  As we refine our internal energy daily by doing Qigong, our new vibration attracts positive Qi. A vibrant body full of Qi surrounds itself in an energized and balanced field of energy; we are protected internally and externally.

What is QiBody Cultivation: 2015-04-22T16:36:49-05:00

QiBody Cultivation (QBC) is a trademarked name for a system of internal cultivation taught by Master Instructor Leah franklin. (QBC) is an unparalleled system to activate and build strong, healthy internal energy  safely and effectively. Whether your requirements for Qi are martial arts, yoga, energy healing or the demands of a full life, QBC will give you the internal Qi (energy) needed to sustain vitality and develop at an accelerated rate. The techniques in this system are a specific formula developed by Grand Master John Tsai, from his years of study and achievement in the arts of Shaolin Mei Hua Kung Fu and Qigong. While the roots of QBC come from an internal martial art cultivation system, the enhancements gained from the practice benefit everyone regardless of background and experience.

How does QBC Work: 2015-04-22T16:36:57-05:00

QBC works by systematically connecting the individual’s breath and awareness deeper in the body to the subtle mechanisms and centers for directing and generating energy. We make it simple and easy reminding you of what the human being was always designed to be. You are taught one connection at a time; so that you can easily integrate each new level of awareness. When practiced correctly the techniques become living guides that evolve as you grow.

What will QBC do for me: 2015-04-22T16:37:22-05:00

If all you learn is the first connection; Qi and breath return to dantian you will feel gently energized and mentally clear and focused. There will be an increase in blood and oxygen to all the cells as well as an internal massaging effect on the organs. Mind and heart are calm and the body is relaxed.

Going further you will learn: 

  • To connect with the Earth’s magnetic energy to plug up any leaks in your energy system and stop depletion.
  • Restore resiliency to the nervous system.
  • Understand the internal mechanisms for generating energy or internal Qi.
  • Strengthen and tone the body.
  • Push toxins out of the body through different Qi washes.
  • Enhance the body’s ability to absorb nourishing Qi from food, air and water.
  • Regulate digestion and elimination.
  • Increase circulation of blood, Qi throughout your body.
  • Have a reserve of energy that sustains a rigorous demand.
  • Sharpen all your senses and increase intellectual thought process.
  • Feel a connection to nature and the universe at a deeply nourishing level.
  • Connect to the infinite potential of the universe within.
How Often do I practice: 2015-04-22T16:45:14-05:00

The breath-work can be practiced every day, the best times are in the morning before rising and then in the evening before falling asleep. Eventually you want the deeper dantian breathing to be automatic, without effort. Do an hour workout 3-4 times a week and at the beginning it’s best to practice the cultivation for at least 20 min. a day. Quality wins out over quantity. There are many aspects to the practice that make it easy to integrate into everyday activities.

What do I do if I am confused or have a question: 2015-04-22T16:45:38-05:00

This is one of the best reasons you want to purchase the instructional DVD. It is very clear on the basics. Even so everyone always has questions that are unique to their experience, so we welcome your emails and have also set up an online forum for practitioners to discuss their experiences and “chi-piphanies”. Remember your questions are invaluable and may help others along the path.

Who else teaches this system of qigong: 2017-06-02T15:57:41-05:00

There are only a handful of people with this knowledge who actually teach it. As a traditional martial art system for internal Qi cultivation the knowledge was considered a great advantage and coveted. Masters chose their students with care, only after discerning their character. Power in the wrong hands was dangerous. Of course we are living in different times and this knowledge has become necessary for re-establishing our connection to nature and the universe as we are evolving. There are many styles and systems of Qigong available and all are valuable. Other than those who have learned from Grand Master Tsai or QBC, I personally do not know of anyone who teaches the ability to express Qi as a strong vibration throughout the body.