In June’s QiArts Video we are learning a qigong technique to draw energy from nature. The ancient taoists considered the trees to be most like human beings and considered them as brothers. The tree sends out roots to anchor and support it’s growth. There is a relationship between the trees and the earth. The tree holds the earth in place with it’s roots, while drawing nutrition from the water and elements held in the earth. There is an upward rising energy in the natural growth pattern of the tree that reaches toward heaven, while at the same time reaching into the earth. The tree transmutes the energy of the sun into oxygen which we breathe as humans. We as humans can gather great Qi from our tree brothers to help us balance and align ourselves to Heaven and Earth as well as nourish the wood element in our bodies. The wood element corresponds to the liver and gall bladder so this can be a tonifying practice for our liver.¬†Practice this technique anywhere in nature to begin to integrate the different energies around you. Choose healthy places in nature when you intend to draw these energies into your body. Enjoy!