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QiBody Cultivation

QiBody Cultivation (QBC) is an unparalleled system to activate the body’s ability to build strong, internal energy for health, vitality and protection. Whether your requirements for Qi are the martial arts, yoga, energy healing or to stop depletion and aging, QBC will teach you how to cultivate and refine the energies of the body, breath and mind. 

QBC level 1 gives you the set of tools to develop internal awareness and the subtle breath control needed to cultivate and refine Qi internally. As your energy body becomes vibrant and attuned, you will be able to connect to the universal energies that nourish life. Cultivation of the universal energies empowers the individual to reach their potential.  Since the universe is infinite, our own potential is infinite as long as we continue to cultivate internally.

What QBC Teaches

QBC is a Nei Gong cultivation system. There is a process of growth involved as one might expect from the creation of life or the growth of a plant. First, there is a connection, then fertilization, cultivation and growth. You are learning a sequence of skills for internal transformation and refinement of your energy system. You become like the farmer, preparing your own energy field for this new awareness to take root. Proper practice of these skills with the transmission of knowledge from a master teacher will insure a powerfully connected and aligned flow of Qi. You will awaken and activate the lower dantian or energy field to produce an energy “qi ball” also known as tumo, a healing energy natural to your body.    

The techniques in this system are a specific formula taught by master instructor Leah Franklin and developed by Grand Master John Tsai, from his years of study and achievement in the arts of Shaolin Kung Fu and Mei Hua Qigong. While the roots of QBC come from an internal martial art cultivation system, the enhancements gained from the practice benefit everyone regardless of background, age and experience.