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QiBody Cultivation Series Level 1- Ongoing Training


Taught by master Instructor Leah Franklin

Monday 9:00am – 10:30am  &  Thursday 9:00am – 10:30am

at The Chapel of St. John the Divine 10 Church Way Saunderstown, RI. 02874 

Upon completion of the beginner Nei gong training, you will know if you want to continue learning how to cultivate and refine internal Qi in our ongoing QiBody cultivation program. This program is internal alchemy revealed. Learn the technical skills and hidden knowledge that few masters teach outside of their lineages. Here you will begin the process of becoming energetically aware of the fields of polarity that attract, expand and raise the vibrations of your physical body. Return your body to a more vibrant health by stopping the depletion of energy and cleansing your body of stagnant Qi. Build happy, healthy Qi with a community of friends in a positive atmosphere. We laugh, train, focus, meditate and laugh some more. Experience personal bliss as you become grounded, connected and vibrant. To assist training at home there is a Qibody Cultivation Level 1- 3DVD set available for purchase.


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Qigong is a science and art of self-cultivation. When we become like the devoted farmer and cultivate our energy field with deep nurture and loving attention, the yield will be beyond your expectation. Within weeks of daily practice you will feel yourself becoming vibrant, energized, focused and deeply connected with your whole being.

  • Awaken and activate the connection of dan and huiyin energy centers. This process will generate a strong vibration in your lower dantian that can be used to flow energy upwards to the head for increased mental clarity; and splashed throughout the body, raising your vibration to a higher frequency of health and protection.
  • Cultivate Nei (internal) Qi to generate new, enhanced internal body energy and stop the depletion of your (original) Qi. Rejuvenate the body organs and cells.
  • Direct a powerful flow of Qi to clear blockages and stagnation in your body.
  • Detox with the heat of internal Qi. 
  • Balance and refine the new energies you’ve generated into a smooth and silky flow of Qi within and without. Balance the polarities in the internal and external energy fields of your being.
  • Small Universe Qi flow. Circulate Qi in the conception and governing vessels of the body.
  • Tap and connect the Qi pathways. An interactive technique that can be shared with friends and family to clear the emotions and raise the spirits.
  • Large Universe Qi flow. Draw and transfer universal energies from heaven and earth. Triple breath technique.



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