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Beginner Nei Gong Program – Ongoing Training


Taught by Leah Franklin

9:00 am – 10:30 am Tuesdays and Thursdays at

The Chapel of St. John the Divine~10 Church Way in Saunderstown, RI 02874 

Beginner Nei gong training is the foundation of breath work for internal QiBody Cultivation with master teacher Leah Franklin. As you are reminded and guided to anchor the breath an energetic renewal happens at your core. The universal energies of Earth and Cosmos are key nutrients that you will connect with for deep nourishment to body and spirit.

This is very much a hands on and interactive class, where the breath is guided to go deep into the lower dantian.  With the fusion of mind, breath and Qi you begin to cultivate the awareness and skill needed to replenish and nourish vital energies in your body. 

“Harmonize with the infinite universal energies of Heaven and Earth.”

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Ongoing Beginner Nei Gong Training


Drawing upon ancient techniques from the Shaolin Mei Hua system of Qigong, you will learn through practice, the re-connection of mind, breath and Qi with the center of your body’s vitality. You will learn the 1st connection of mind, breath and Qi to the roots of your vitality; the 2nd connection of mind, breath and Qi to the Earth’s magnetic field and the 3rd connection of mind, breath and Qi to the static-electric field. Learn to:

  • Calm and focus the mind.
  • Regulate heart rate and calm nerves.
  • Connect to a deeper awareness of your internal body.
  • Energize the lower dantian, creating heat (yang Qi).
  • Improve circulation to all of your organs and the body.
  • Cleanse stagnant qi from your body.
  • Direct Qi flow.
  • Stimulate Qi flow to the brain in the morning.
  • Relax your mind and body for a peaceful nights’ sleep.
  • Connect to the magnetic field of the Earth.
  • Stop the depletion of Qi by plugging up leaks in your energy field.
  • Heal and nourish your nervous system.
  • Wash away pain and fatigue from your body.
  • Feel youthful and refreshed.

Dantian breath-work is an essential skill in our cultivation program, upon which all other techniques are built. Most people have a shallow or unconscious breath and need more than verbal instruction to achieve this level of breath-work. This is very much a hands on and interactive class, where your breath is guided to go deep into the lower dantian.

This is the foundation of the ongoing Qibody Cultivation program. You are learning a Nei Gong system of internal changes that manifest physiological changes. I am teaching the foundation of elements and stages that set in motion and nurture these inner changes.

Many professionals in the healing arts and yoga have taken this training and all have gained a deep and profound enhancement to their existing practice.

Discovering your Qi is always fun and enlightening. Feel fantastic as you bath in the elemental forces of the Earth for deep restorative healing and the cosmic energies from the Heavens. Learn how to balance the electromagnetic fields in and around your body while increasing vitality, clarity and centered focus.

Current students of the QiBody program are welcome to attend the beginner classes at no fee to reinforce your foundation or if you are interested in learning how to teach. Teaching another is called twice learning and is very beneficial to your own understanding.

Monthly Tuition is $130

This beginner program is ongoing without any specific start or end dates. You may join at any time and come once or twice a week. Once you have the foundation necessary to join the Qi Body Cultivation Program you can move right into it.

Contact Leah at 401.219.4439 to register or for any questions. 


  1. Adria, RI

    Just completed this two-day program with Leah, and my whole experience of breathing & the relationship between chi & breath has been transformed. Our small-group weekend was deep, and we students were able to share and learn together. Leah is very hands-on; she worked on all of us, feeling and directing the breath & chi in our bodies, as well as teaching us to do so. It is very rare to have such a small and personal training, way beyond the “classes” we usually attend in which we only follow the instructor’s demonstration. Yes, we do that too, but Leah’s individualized practice enables each student individually to access and bring in the chi. If this weekend interests you, contact Leah directly.
    Adria, RI

  2. Nancy Graham, RI Doctor of Acupuncture

    I wish everyone with a body would take this class! Learning to connect the mind with the breath is an essential tool for self care. These techniques are so useful for relaxation and clarified energy and improved health. I am recommending this class to many of my patients, and to my friends and family as well.

  3. Mark Baumer (verified owner)

    I took this class because I wanted to learn how to breathe. For a while I had wondered if I even knew how to breathe. I had been questioning many simple tasks in my life such as walking and even standing. Taking this class unlocked things inside me through breath and through breath I feel a deeper understanding of how to do simple things like walk, stand, and breathe.

  4. Sarah Richardson

    It is two weeks since completing this class and with daily practice, I am noticing more evenness throughout the day. When I went to the class, initially I was hoping I would find access to deep belly breathing and within minutes I had learned that. Over two days we built on that foundation and I left with skills and tools to nurture my own well being. Quite remarkable. Leah is a gifted teacher.

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