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My name is Leah Franklin and I teach an internal cultivation system called Nei Gong to cultivate and refine internal Qi.
Qi is energy, life force energy; the underlying force of energy that comprises all matter and animates all living things. Qi is the dynamic field of polarity in which all energy moves and from which all power springs. Qi flows in and out of the body on the breath.
There are philosophers of qigong and there are farmers of qigong. My teacher, Grand Master John Tsai , showed me through my training that we are the latter. Through honest effort and devotion we till the soil and cultivate the body to receive and refine a higher vibration of energy. Thereby we gain physical vitality and spiritual awareness of the true potentials of human life.

Without Qi we are lifeless. With a little Qi we get by and with full and healthy Qi we exude vitality.

Why practice Qigong?  Qigong means energy cultivation or the effort we apply to understanding and cultivating the energy system of the body. We eat, drink and nourish ourselves with food and water, without ever realizing we have an energetic component to the body that needs to be nourished and balanced. Not only balanced, but aligned and activated if we are to stay youthful and harmoniously connected with our universe. That is why the ancients practiced Qigong. They understood that as human beings we are connected to nature and the infinite universe. This knowledge of internal cultivation has been preserved for the benefit of all humans desiring to awake into universal consciousness and live healthy, happy and long lives.

A new student asked me, “What movements should I be practicing to progress in your system?”

That’s a common and a good question that demonstrates motivation and discipline. I said, “The external movements aren’t important now, your internal connection to breath and Qi is the most valuable skill you can practice now”.

I teach this skill to my students and clients as a necessary first connection. From the connection of mind and breath in the body flows the ability to feel Qi. The more you become aware of Qi the greater the potential to build and store Qi in the body.

Many people will gloss of this first connection because they don’t think they are doing anything unless they are waving their arms and legs about or imagining great balls of Qi here and there. I say it over and over again and guide them through the process repeatedly only to hear the same question, “Yeah, ok you said breathe, got it. Now what else is there?”

There’s nothing else until you really experience an internal awareness and power of your breath. God took one breath and look what happened. Should we really gloss over the whole breathing thing? Breath is energy; we need to make a conscious connection to breath with the mind and body to work with energy. If you train with me you won’t be able to wriggle out of this one and when you eventually get it, which you will, you’ll possess a great treasure. That treasure is a fertile awareness of your true self as energy and how that energy brings life-force to your body.

My thoughts are you have to breathe 24/7 anyway; why not learn how to do it in a way that maximizes health.

The style of Nei Gong taught by myself and instructors in Qi Masters Class has its roots in the Shaolin Mei Hua tradition of Kung Fu. It is an internal martial art Qigong traditionally passed on to select students training in the Mei Hua lineage of martial Shaolin Kung Fu. This knowledge was transmitted to me by 17th generation Shaolin Mei Hua Kung Fu Grand Master John Tsai. He is a wise enough man to realize that the benefits of the internal qigong training in his martial art have great health and longevity benefits for all people whether or not they are training Kung Fu.
We build strong internal Qi that can be refined to develop into a qi ball and circulated in the body at will to nurture all the cells and clear out old, stagnant energy.

That’s all I want to say about it. If you’re looking for Qi and haven’t found it, come see me. I won’t weigh you down with lots of forms, just a real connection to Qi.

Every practice session builds positive mental focus and an inner feeling of balance and vitality. The amazing path of internal Qi cultivation, leading to infinite potential and human refinement, all begins with awareness and connection to the breath.
Beginner Nei Gong class is the first teaching in our QiBody Cultivation Program. After rooting the mind and breath with the Qi you are ready to become a farmer and begin cultivating true life-force energy and connection.


Leah Franklin

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  1. Hugh McCracken August 19, 2019 at 6:08 am - Reply

    Inspirational. Gloss over or off? I am looking for the number of classes? I haven’t looked hard yet, and I am sure you have it somewhere.

    Hugh McCracken–

    • QiBody August 20, 2019 at 4:34 pm - Reply

      Hi Hugh. I am not sure, I understand your question, but I currently teach ongoing training and practice twice a week in Rhode Island. I have a DVD Set that is the first level of understanding and practicing the QiBody Cultivation techniques. I teach privately as well.I am at the present shifting the website and my teaching to mostly online, while I get my Bachelors Degree. If you click on the menu bar, programs, or for DVD, go to the store, you can see what is happening at the moment. As of yet ,I haven’t set time parameters on the classes, because this is an internal cultivation system and all my students are unique in the process. People stay with me as long as they can or need to. Practicing with a group is good when it’s available.

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