Why is it important to keep Nei gong techniques pure?

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    I have one more thing to put on the table: Grand Master asked all of his students to be cautious (avoid) mixing energies while you are learning to cultivate Qi ball. He called the mixing “chop suey.” That instruction is necessary at the beginning to keep these techniques pure and so that you avoid overwhelming the system.
    You can continue to do your current practice, just wait until you really integrate/understand the internal cultivation before you try mixing the energies you are currently working with into the new practice. The cultivation of Qi ball internally is powerful enough and we want to keep it pure.

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    From what I understand, the reason as to not mix energy is for building the skill of doing it right and safely before safely being able to work with other energies later down the line?
    Or is it that composing a Qi ball of multiple energies makes it not function properly/as intended…
    This being said… does this include pure energies like the holy spirit?

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    Your questions are good, Nick and they are important to answer. Grand Master was a man of unquestioning technique. he has stayed very pure to his training, which I am grateful for. I am a bit more like you in that I had some background in other energy work. Whenever I tried to share that with him for the purpose of seeing how things relate; he would get perturbed with me and say “oh well you know more than me. You don’t need my teaching”
    I am not so black and white as he but, I can appreciate that he holds a knowledge that has not been adulterated too much. GMT taught by technique. You do it enough times and then you know. I’m not saying that is the only way to learn but it was how he taught and it worked pretty well.
    While I was with GMT I never read any books on the subject. My time was pretty much taken up with practicing and training others in what we were learning. We were learning so much, so quickly that there wasn’t a need to look elsewhere.
    Now having said that, when GMT moved and I took over the classes I actually had time again and I began to search for more information about the techniques I knew. I have not found anyone yet who is teaching the same method for cultivating internal Qi ball.

    I AM NOT AN AUTHORITY ON THE SUBJECT, but I am confident in the process or foundation of how to go about setting up the energies to produce Qi ball.
    What I have gathered from the classics is that Qi ball is produced from a combination of the energies we are born with, both primordial and acquired and the universal Qi we are naturally connected to, Heaven and Earth. The techniques will naturally draw on these as you do them and the process of alchemy and refinement happens as a result of the practice. Qi ball is you; both pre-birth you and post-birth you. It needs no other energies at the start because it is going to refine you to be able to handle other energies.
    As for the Holy Spirit I don’t believe it can ever bring harm and I believe in prayer, so to pray for the Holy Spirit to guide your practice to be in alignment with your highest good and for the well being others is a great intention. Trust in your Qi, it is still connected to Heaven.

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