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    Tell a little bit about yourself, what brought you to this practice and what keeps you cultivating Qi in your life.

    Any advice for beginners?

  • ngraham
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    My name is Nancy and I have been a student of Qi for more than 30 years. I have been studying and practicing acupuncture and Chinese medicine as well as Tai Ji, yoga, and Qi Gong. I have been studying with Leah for over 2 years now.
    Working with Leah and this material has increased my awareness and sensitivity to Qi more than any other practice thus far. In addition, the cultivation practice really has enabled me to build up enough energy in the lower Dan tian so that the experience of Qi there is strong and unmissable. For someone like myself who has poor aptitude for sensing the subtle, this is a real gift.
    My daily practice engages me with my own MoJo, which naturally makes my acupuncture treatments more effective, but also enriches my quality of life on many levels.
    I’m happy to be a part of this forum and encourage others along this path of discovery!

  • Wickfordbard
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    Hi my name is Cathy Pagano and I’ve been Leah’s student for about 2 years. I’ve done Chi Gong for about 7 years but in a very different form from what Leah teaches. Her work with Breath and qi is what makes this type of qi gong and nei gong so important. Breath is everything.

    I’m a Jungian psychotherapist and I work with dreams and the imagination. And to do this work, you have to use your imagination to ‘see & feel’ the energy flow. After awhile, it becomes 2nd nature. It takes both imagination and focus, and therefore it is one of the best tools for developing mindfulness.

    I’ve known Leah for over 20 years and when I moved back to Rhode Island, I was delighted to find out about her work with Grand Master Tsai. for the first year, I worked with her 4 days a week. After taking some time off, I am happy to be back and cultivating my qi.

  • adi
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    The first gift I received from doing this qigong with Leah is my ability to actually feel the energy go down through my feet and into the earth. Even though I’ve done other practices, this is the first time I have actually opened this channel through both feet.

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