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    Hi I am Andrew

    I work as a physiotherapist and trained in Tui na And acupuncture and utilize this in my practice. I have trained in a very martial version of wu style tai chi for many years with its own iron shirt neikung which I have diligently practiced. I traveled several times to China and visited the late Dr Jiang Feng at the Apricot forest hospital. He was famed with similar abilities to John Chang in emitting a palpable electric current.

    I was very suspicious but can affirm it was like being hooked up to battery. I received a transmission where the yin tang point on my head was literally blasted with QI. We were then taught the basic dantien breathing practice to develop the heat in the belly and back. Unfortunately a huge sum of money was being asked for to administer treatments to clear your channels to progress in the school. My colleague who committed to this has now developed the abilities we observed but has paid the price. The school is also a shaolin mystery school. However, some practices involved killing animals from chickens to bulls and transferring their Jing to initiates. This and the amount westerners had to pay never felt right. I have been exploring this field of cultivation ever since in both an academic and practical way.

    Thank you Leah for the videos and your generosity in sharing the teaching. I will continue with the practices to develop a more reliable and tangible experience of QI that I can utilize in helping my clients. I will post at some point when I feel there is some progression and share my experiences.

    Best Wishes

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