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      Hello and welcome to the forum for practitioners at Qi Masters Class. If you would like to participate in this forum and I hope you will, the process is simple.  
      • If you have already set up an account on this website through a past purchase, then you can go right to the 'login' tab in the upper right corner of forum box.  It will bring you to a screen where you can fill in your user name or email and password. If you can't recall your password then click on the Lost Password link at the bottom. If you have purchased here as a guest then you have not created an account and need to click the 'register' tab in the upper right corner of the forum box.
      • To reset password an email will be sent to your inbox with a long link. Click on the link and it will open up a login box with an automatically generated password. Erase that password and create your own. Then Login!
      • If you have never created an account before then you need to register. Click the 'register' tab in the upper right of forum box. You will see a screen asking for a username and email address and click the 'I'm Not a Robot' box. An email will be sent to your inbox with a link. Click on the link. A new login box opens up where you can create a password. Then Login and back to the forum you go!
      The Captcha and email confirmation are necessary to keep some nasty spam off the forum. Any problems logging in, contact me.
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       David Cooke

    • QiBody Cultivation Level 1 Video Series Q & A
      This forum will have five main topics correlating to the five main segments in the Qibody Cultivation Level 1 video series. Those main categories are:
      • Dantian Breath Work
      • Hui yin Conditioning and Activation
      • Crane and Turtle Cultivation
      • Crane Dynamic Form
      • Turtle Longevity Form
      One of the main reasons for creating this forum is to aid the practitioners who are not able to be in my classroom. I am committed to helping students understand and receive the full benefits of this great program. Help me build a virtual classroom where we can share the Qi. It has been my experience that Qi is intelligent and can be transmitted just like information. I will post some questions, that have been asked in the classroom, and their answers when I feel like they will benefit other practitioners. Please post your own questions freely, keeping in mind that there really aren't any stupid questions and someone else may be looking for the same answer. I am adding some Q&A that I received from a student before this forum was ready, that I believe are valuable for everyone. Obviously some questions will be directed to the teacher or an advanced student, but something else of value is personal experience. Maybe you don't have a specific answer, but your relevant experience is of great value. So post on fellow Qi Buddies!
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    • QiBody Cultivation Program: Home for Practitioners

      If you are a student, please introduce yourself and share what it is that motivates your practice, and what is the best advice you would share with a beginner based on your own experience?

      The Qibody Cultivation program, developed by Grand Master John Tsai, is taught by master instructor Leah Franklin. I encourage practicing students of QiBody Cultivation to use this as a virtual classroom where you can ask questions of the teacher, Leah Franklin, or advanced students. If you are learning this program remotely using the videos, please take advantage of this forum space to get clarification on your practice. Start your own topics of particular interest. All I ask is that your questions and comments be relevant to Qi cultivation and your attitudes reflect kindness and sincerity.
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    • What is QiBody Cultivation?
      How does the energy created in this system differ from other Energies of Channeling? I am copy/pasting a stream of conversation I had with a new student, Nicholas, who is using the QiBody Cultivation videos. His questions are too good not to share. I am posting both topic and reply because the conversation began before this forum was ready.
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