Leah’s class feels like a User’s Manuel for Body Energy. As an acupuncturist, I have been working with patient’s Qi/energy for years, but Leah has opened up an exciting and accessible way to understand and experience my own energy. I am learning about how to work with my own energy and it feels fun and fantastic! Although I have only been practicing a few months, I feel physically and mentally charged and radiant. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants to realize their energetic potential and maximize health.

-Nancy Graham R.I. Doctor of Acupuncture

When beginning any new practice a positive attitude, patience with yourself and sincerity will fuel your efforts, guiding your practice towards personal success. There are times in our lives though, when we are aware that our alignment has slipped and a positive attitude is difficult to muster. I have witnessed students come to the qigong practice feeling out of balance and physically or emotionally unhealthy. In these cases “positive attitude” was out of the question, but sincerity to change was present. Patience is always an ongoing practice for everyone.
What is beautiful about qigong is that by practicing the techniques with sincerity you are transforming yourself physically and emotionally without trying to. As old energy within begins to clear and be replaced with positive energy from our universe we feel better. When you feel better, a positive outlook is natural.
Why do we feel better? The universe from which we derive and harness energy in our practice is a living organism; as is the Earth. These cosmic and primordial energies hold an alignment of compassion and wisdom. All life is created from universal elements and returns to the same. In qigong you learn to work with these powerful forces and align yourself between them. We then integrate and balance with with Heaven and Earth to become empowered human beings.
It is truly that simple. Practicing these techniques for cultivation and refinement with sincerity, and trusting in the eternal wisdom and compassion of the creative principle will merit a greater state of being. A little effort at the beginning will soon produce all of the mental and physical energy needed to transform.
There are always greater refinements to our energy fields leading us toward spiritual freedom. At this stage of cultivation we are setting up the body, mind spirit to learn how to learn. The breath work taught by Leah in this 2 day workshop is the first embodied connection to our universal parents. Can you imagine the abundant gifts given to the willing children of Heaven and Earth?
—master teacher Leah Franklin