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Master instructor Leah Franklin gives an introduction to one of the techniques taught in the beginner Nei gong Class and the Return Qi and Breath to the Roots 2 Day Workshop, in this 12 minute video .

Dantian breathwork is an essential component in our cultivation program, upon which all other techniques are built. Most people have a shallow breath and need more than verbal instruction to achieve this level of breath-work. This is very much a hands on and interactive class, where the breath is guided to go deep into the lower dantian. With this fusion of mind, breath and Qi we begin to cultivate vitality in the only place that was designed to generate and store energy in our physical body.  Along with food, air and water our bodies take nourishment from the natural elements of the Earth and the universal field of energy around us. Magnetic energy or gravity is vital for healthy bones. Static-electric energy is essential for a strong heart and healthy cell transport. Together these energies help to balance yin and yang. When combined with the heat produced by lower dantian breath-work we have a triple healing power.

Learning about Qi is always fun and enlightening. Feel fantastic as you bath in the triple energies and awaken to the world of Qi. This is the foundation of a program designed to help you take your perfect place of empowerment as a human-being balanced between Heaven and earth; the infinite universal energies of the Cosmos and the elemental forces of the earth.

Breathing deeply with mindfulness and intention way is one of the most beneficial and preventative practices you can do for personal healthcare. A note on the preventative health benefits of deep breathing by the French physicians Dr. Peschier and Walter Michel: “Controlled breathing is the most outstanding method known to us for increasing organic resistance…There is always a natural immunity attributed to ionic balance in the blood, and dependent on breathing…It confers on the balance of the acid/base a regularity which is re-established with each breath.”

Breathing fully will give your skin a more healthy appearance. Your body will take on an improved shape because the diaphragm, stomach and chest muscles will be used fully. When the diaphragm descends fully into the abdomen all of the internal organs are massaged with every breath, promoting circulation and healthy function.

When you are worried or anxious your breathing rhythm changes; every emotion tends to have an impact on the way you breathe. The reverse is also true, so breathing fully has the effect of calming the body and the mind. Good breathing improves oxygen intake and also removes more carbon dioxide and other poisons from your body. All the tissues of the body require an oxygen rich supply of blood. The stomach, in particular, requires oxygen from the blood in order to digest food properly and gain all the nutrients.

Another function of dantian breath-work is to prolong life by retarding the aging process. This is done by reversing the course of fire and water through internal alchemy. Fire is the temporal form of energy produced by metabolism and respiration, while water is the primordial energy stored in the glands. In ordinary daily life, fire flows upward and is lost through busy chaotic thoughts, conflicting emotions and physical activity. Water energy flows downward and out, dissipating itself through sexual activity and stress.

Longevity is promoted by keeping the fire energy out of the head, heart and solar plexus; refining and circulating it instead through the major channels and storing it in the lower dantian. At the same time the precious water energy, usually lost through sex and stress, is conserved and raised upward through the spinal channels into the head where it is used to nurture the faculties of spirit.

The first connection to Qi is found in our breath; may I be your guide?” Leah Franklin 

Return Qi and Breath to the Roots~ 2 Day Workshop

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