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Internal Qigong ~ Neigong Practice in Nature

A new student asked me, “What movements should I be practicing to progress in your system?” That’s a common and a good question that demonstrates motivation and discipline. I said, “The external movements aren’t important now, your internal connection to breath and Qi is the most valuable skill you can practice”. I teach this skill [...]

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Dantian Breathing ~ Introductory Video

Master instructor Leah Franklin gives an introduction to one of the techniques taught in the beginner Nei gong Class and the Return Qi and Breath to the Roots 2 Day Workshop, in this 12 minute video . Dantian breathwork is an essential component in our cultivation program, upon which all other techniques are built. Most people [...]

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Qigong Technique for Drawing Energy from Nature

In June's QiArts Video we are learning a qigong technique to draw energy from nature. The ancient taoists considered the trees to be most like human beings and considered them as brothers. The tree sends out roots to anchor and support it's growth. There is a relationship between the trees and the earth. The tree [...]

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QiArts Video April 2015 ~ Universal Energy Draw

Learn to balance and harmonize with the universal energies in nature with master teacher Leah Franklin at historic Canonchet Farm in Narragansett, RI. In April's video we are learning a technique to attract and integrate the free electricity in the atmosphere to replenish and balance the electrical component of the body. In March's video we learned [...]

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