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Qi Cleansing Technique with G.Master Tsai and Chief Instructor Leah Franklin

Qi Cleansing Technique with Grand Master Tsai and Chief Instructor Leah Franklin. A Qi Cleansing is an advanced qigong therapy designed to assist the activation and flow of life force energy in the students body. With the pathway of Qi clear, balanced and energized the practitioner can experience their own vital energy splashing throughout the [...]

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Qigong Tap and Connect

Grand Master John Tsai and chief instructor Leah Franklin using a qigong tapping technique with advanced internal practitioners. All of these internal practitioners have an active Qiball in lower dantian from a dedicated practice of Nei Dan Qi cultivation. The ren and du energy channels have been cleared through practice. The increased ability to cultivate [...]

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QiArts Video April 2015 ~ Universal Energy Draw

Learn to balance and harmonize with the universal energies in nature with master teacher Leah Franklin at historic Canonchet Farm in Narragansett, RI. In April's video we are learning a technique to attract and integrate the free electricity in the atmosphere to replenish and balance the electrical component of the body. In March's video we learned [...]

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