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Ongoing Qigong and Nei gong classes

Taught by Master Instructor Leah Franklin 

Tuesday and Thursday 9:00 -10:30 am


$130 monthly tuition

Call, email or text to set up a time to preview a class for free. 401.219.4439

~Learn how to Return Qi and Breath to the Roots ~with master teacher Leah Franklin

Nei gong is an internal cultivation skill involving an ever deepening awareness of our physical body and the life force energy that powers it. We begin by developing a mind and breath connection in the body at its root of vitality. As you are well aware new life begins with the breath and a newborns breath is deep into the belly. Returning our mind and breath to these roots is the beginning of building generating vitality.

Nei gong is a holistic practice dating back thousands of years as a path for the internal cultivation of vitality, energy and spiritual awareness. As we bring focus to and gain awareness of the mechanisms in the body that support life force energy, we draw more life force to ourselves. We become more fertile as human beings.

Learn the differences between Qigong and Nei Gong (internal cultivation) from a teacher who knows what she is practicing and not just practicing what she knows.

 Come and cultivate a new awareness of your breath.

Leah Franklin is a dedicated teacher of internal Qi cultivation (nei gong); a knowledge and skill passed on to her by Shaolin Mei Hua Qigong Grand Master, John Tsai. She has returned to Rhode Island after a 4 year apprenticeship as a chief instructor to GM Tsai in Arkansas and is now teaching this cultivation program for health and wellness in Saunderstown, RI. at The Chapel of St. John the Divine.

If you have heard about our practice and can’t make the next introduction or want to learn more now, you are welcome to come in to a beginner class to observe and “feel” the energy. After class you can speak with Leah and the other students. Please call Leah at 401.219.4439 to set a date. Class schedule can be found on our calendar.