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About Qi Masters Class

Qi Masters Class is dedicated to empowering each person with the knowledge and techniques necessary to become fully responsible for creating health, vitality and long life while cultivating spiritual or universal awareness; using the ancient art of Nei Gong techniques that were designed for the cultivation and refinement of human energy.

Our Nei Gong program, QiBody Cultivation (QBC) is an unparalleled system to activate and build strong, healthy internal energy, safely and effectively. A system of inner alchemy designed to transform life force energy, Qi, into fuel for the body to cleanse, balance and regenerate. Simple techniques that can turn ordinary existence into an extraordinary life full of vitality and connection.

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Gratitude and Appreciation

Leah would like to express her gratitude and appreciation for all of the masters who have kept pure and alive these ancient treasures for humanity to benefit. Her knowledge of this system was transmitted to her through Grand Master John Tsai. 

Grand Master Chi Yuan Tsai (John Tsai) began the practice of southern Shaolin martial arts at the age of seven under the disciplined training of his great uncle, Si Chun San. He has devoted over 60 years of study and life focus to Shaolin Kung Fu martial arts and Shaolin Mei Hua internal Qi cultivation.
Grand Master Tsai has honorably carried on the family tradition and shared his knowledge and techniques with his students, hundreds of which have become national and international champions, including the 1988 Taekwondo Olympic Gold medalist in Korea.  He also led our USA team to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, China. Hundreds of his students also became teachers and masters.

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