How can we Cultivate our Breath for a Deeper connection to Life?

Many human beings have fallen out of connection with the inner teacher and healer. Intuition and knowingness is left to the psychics. In fact many of us are making a living telling each other what to do; sort of amusing when you think about it.

When did we forget who we are? Is it possible that we might have been created without this knowledge? A flower seed doesn’t wander all around town looking for clues on how to be a flower, or making choices about what kind of flower to be or if it should be a flower at all. That information is coded internally and the flowers’ function (purpose) is to support that code by surviving.

OK, so maybe we’re a little more complicated than a flower, but as a creation of life aren’t we also coded? Scientific knowledge tells us that the blueprints, our codes, are in the DNA. So what’s the problem, why all the confusion on how to be a human? Oh yeah, we have free choice. This ultimately means that we have the power to create our own reality. Reality, in this context, is being defined as the images and experiences being presented to us externally and our reaction to those stimuli.

We are observing our external reality continuously through our senses and choosing which pieces to respond to. The brain actually observes thousands of bits of information, way too much for us to be consciously aware of. In modern societies external stimulus is constantly competing for our attention. The demand to make a million choices everyday has drawn most people out of their center, where, the only true source of whom and what we are can be discovered. Many are creating reality based on a reaction to external stimulus instead of a consistent alignment.

The solution to our confusion and the feeling like we’ve lost the manual to life is simple enough, but challenging, given the present state of disconnect for many. The beauty of truth is that it’s timeless and always right here. From the beginning of time, wise sages have talked about the need to “turn the light around”. What this means is that we all have an internal source of light. We can call this Life-Force energy, Qi, Prana, the breath of God. Whatever we call this light, it directly affects our DNA and life is an expression of it. Life-force is expanding out from all of us.

Turning the light around is the practice of shining that light inward to observe, contemplate and ultimately be present with our Source. This is the consistent alignment we want to project outward. The best way to turn the light around is to rest the mind on the breath and the breath on the mind. The internal cultivation of breath awareness cleanses the mind and focuses it on the primary forces of creation; this in turn is empowering to the individual. Along with our external programs for health, we will also benefit if we have a strong internal practice. Perhaps we can discover a great treasure in our breath.

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